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The Rockycreek Puppy Preschool

Board & Train Program

Rockycreek has spent decades developing the Rockycreek Preschool Board & Train Program and we feel it encompasses all necessary life skills and basic manners and sets the foundation for the puppy to become a welcome addition in every family adventure. 


The Rockycreek Preschool Board & Train Program teaches the puppy how to accept and adapt to new situations, have basic manners and lifestyle skills, and understand basic people and dog socialization protocols through the most optimal time to develop, practice, and remember these learning experiences.


Our experienced team members customize each puppy’s program to encompass each family’s individual needs to ease the transition of the puppy into its new forever home.

Here are a just few of the skills the curriculum introduces the preschool puppies to:


  • Crate training (puppies are crated overnight and periodically during the day for meals and/or naps)

  • House training (learning how to relax in a home environment while supervised)

  • Traveling, riding and relaxing in a crate in a vehicle 

  • Negotiating steps

  • Developing correct habits (examples: how to greet people without jumping up, drinking water without swimming in the bowl)

  • Developing proper behaviors (example: taking food nicely, walking politely on leash)

  • Teaching the puppy to be comfortable and relaxed when left alone in a crate in the house and in vehicles

  • Retrieving and willingly trading the item for a treat. (Prevents a game of keep away and/or resource guarding)

  • Proper socialization - exposing the puppy to a variety of people, other animals, different situations and a variety of places. (examples: Brewery, Tractor Supply, Day Care, Spectate at outside sporting events.




This program is offered exclusively to Rockycreek puppies at an additional cost.

Enrollment is limited 

Contact us for details.


House Manners


Life Skills


Manners In Public


Introduction to Obedience

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