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Rockycreek's Pucker Up Buttercup At Wolfpack CGC CGCA CGCU TKN TKI

Butter is incredibly intelligent and has a charming personality and a delightful temperament. Her  natural inclination to please, she is not only a joy to be around but also a delight to train and fun to compete in events. She loves showing off the “treasures” she finds in the yard and on walks. Part Diva and sometimes mischievous, Butter has an incredible sense of humor that has endeared her to many. 


OFA Hips: Good (Prelim)
OFA Elbows: Normal (Prelim)
OFA Eyes: Pending
Dentition: Full Dentition
Patella: Normal
Heart: Pending
Dilute: Clear 
EIC: Pending
HNPK: Pending
PRA: Pending
CNM: Pending
DM: Pending
CT: Pending
Carries: Yellow

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