Rockycreek's Actions Speak Louder Than Words CGCA VHMA ATT TKI

Glory is a beautiful and sweet-hearted girl that is always ready to put a smile on your face. She LOVES bringing you gifts such as her favorite pink dinosaur or, when out in the field, a duck!  She loves children, swimming, and making new friends. Glory lives with her co-owner, Kimberly Horn, and moonlights as an assistant for her mom's preschool. Her sweet and kind nature makes her a favorite with the kids. Glory is beautiful inside and out and we are so excited for her future at Rockycreek!

Hips: Excellent (prelims)
Elbows: Normal (prelims)
Eyes: Normal (2021)
Heart: Pending
HNPK: Clear by parentage
EIC: Clear by parentage


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