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Rockycreek Yolo Don't Rayne On My Parade

Jubilee is an aptly named, happy girl that doesn't let anything rain on her parade! She takes everything in stride and perseveres through any obstacles in her way. She is happy-go-lucky and incredibly intelligent. Her zest for life is contagious and she is guaranteed to make you smile. Jubilee shows wonderful promise in the ring and in the field! We are thrilled at the drive and enthusiasm she puts in to everything asked of her. Jubilee lives in North Carolina with her co-owner, Maria Carabaña. We are excited to see what this team accomplishes!

Born January 31, 2022

Hips: Good (Prelim)
Elbows: Normal (Prelim)
Patellas: Pending
Eyes: Pending
Heart: Pending

Dilute: Clear (DD)
HNPK: Pending
PRA: Pending
CNM: Pending
DM: Pending
CT: Pending
Color: Yellow


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