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Rockycreek's Weekend Wrap Up

Beautiful weather, fun times with “The Rockycreek Team” at the Macungie PA shows this weekend. Participating team members: Kathy, Kim, Steph, Terry, Donna. Thank you new friend, Anouk, for taking our group photos!

Butter and Steph win the puppy class all 3 days she was entered.

Sami and Steph place in the well attended Am Bred class all 3 days entered.

Glory and Kathy win WB, BOW, BOS 3 days, RW 1 day for a total of 5 more points

towards her AKC Championship!

Excel and Steph Select Dog their first time back out together on Thursday!

Player and Terry Select Dog both days he was entered, Saturday and Sunday!

Thank you to the club members, judges, stewards, site control, and superintendents for making things run seamlessly for the competitors - a job so well done most don’t even realize what it takes to make this happen!

Congratulations to the other winners this weekend, Mary Augustus on her Championship, Jodi Parisi for her first well deserved points, and Ryan for his

expertise in piloting Daniel to his breed and group wins this weekend.

A huge Thank You to all the breeders and exhibitors for their kind words and support for our Rockycreek dogs over the weekend!

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